We’ve simplified the Drug and Background Screening process by automating the data entry and ordering using our Quick App Pro link. The result for our clients is a reduction in Time and Money while also increasing Human Resources productivity.

No more searching through resumes, applications, etc. to find the necessary information for a specific report.   Eliminate the chances of error in misspelling names, inputting incorrect DL or SS numbers, and even, applicants skipping required information for quality search results.

Each package that was customized for your unique organizations hiring needs comes with it’s own QAP link.

  • The secure link is simply emailed to the applicant or even housed on your company website ( Click Here for K4 QAP Link Example ).
  • Applicant completes the necessary information for specific package requirements and digitally signs and receives all documents required for FCRA compliance (Authorization Forms, Summary of Rights, etc).
  • Background Investigation begins processing immediately (Option to manually “approve” before processing).
  • Employer receives notification, via email, when the applicant completes the QAP as well as when the report is completed.
  • All completed reports are housed on your own encrypted web portal for two years, eliminating the need for paper throughout the entire process.

We have integration models in place for over 150 applicant tracking systems (ATS) and continue to build relationships with new ones to make it even easier to manage your hiring process.