You’ve hired the right people, now let’s keep them happy, healthy and fit.

SNIP-FIT-CW is our DNA based Corporate Wellness Program.  Instead of applying a GENERIC approach to your employees wellness, we apply a GENETIC approach for proven results.


We know from years of experience in health club management/ownership and countless hours of direct to consumer training/coaching that, statically speaking, the likelihood of a client’s long term success drastically decreases when they 1)  are left to their own willpower and/or 2) apply a generic approach to such a comprehensive, yet uniquely made system, (The Human Body).  

The power and probability of results (In Performance, Fitness or Wellness) is not found in the steel, plastic, paint or iron within a facility.  Rather, it’s found when the collaborative efforts of a professional’s years of knowledge and experience and the client’s hard work and will to succeed, join together and they embark on a sound scientifically based journey together.

The SNIP-FIT model looks like this –

  • First, we begin the journey removing the guesswork through DNA testing.  This allows us to  Determine our clients Natural Advantages and identify their genetic obstacles and challenges associated with their goal/s.
  • Next, we offer Customized Program recommendations, which vary in both intensity of involvement and financial commitment, that allows the client the flexibility and input, to choose what’s best for them to achieve their goal/s.
  • Regardless of the program chosen, the goal of the SNIP-FIT model is to equip the client, through education and coaching, with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to continue living their best life long after they have reached their original goal/s.
  • Lastly, we provide affordable and effective platforms (Virtual TEAM, VIRTUAL-RD, and VIRTUAL-COACH), that allows continued access, and connection, to the highest caliber of Movement, Nutrition and Mindset professionals as clients continue to Discover New Achievements through their new lifestyle.

5 DNA reports are available which test your unique genetic makeup in categories such as:

  • body composition response to strength training
  • fat loss response to cardio
  • fitness response to cardio
  • Pro/Carb/Fat utilization
  • weight loss ability with diet and exercise,
  • systemic inflammation
  • skin aging
  • skin glycation
  • facial aging
  • mental acuity
  • power and endurance potential
  • VO2 max
  • injury risk
  • CBD metabolism
  • stress tolerance
  • vitamin and mineral tendencies
  • plus over 40 more categories covering weight loss, athletic performance, aging process, nutrients and CBD sensitivity.

If you are ready to start Discovering New Achievements in your employee’s performance, we’re excited and ready to partner with you.

To learn more about SNIP-FIT and request a personalized proposal for your company, visit or email