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Screening Made Simple

We’ve simplified the Drug and Background Screening process by automating the data entry and ordering using our Quick App Pro link. The result for our clients is a reduction in Time and Money while also increasing Human Resources productivity.


Background Checks

Many companies, organizations and individuals are unfamiliar with the variety of searches available and the differences between those offered.  We’ll work with you to ensure you have all the knowledge needed to implement a solid screening process in the most cost-effective way.


You’ve hired the right people, now let’s keep them happy, healthy and fit. SNIP-FIT-CW is our DNA based Corporate Wellness Program.  Instead of applying a GENERIC approach to your employees wellness, we apply a GENETIC approach for proven results.

We're Here for YOU!

What sets us apart is the desire to deliver personalized attention to each and every one of our clients. We strive hard to develop a long-term relationship with our clients and make every effort to simplify the screening process. Want to learn how Simple Screening Solutions might benefit your organization? Provide us with some information by clicking the link below. We're not Salespeople, we're Relationship people.

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